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There are many wonderful mods available for Sims 4 in 2023. But this UI Cheats Extension is certainly the best out of them all. Instead of typing your cheats for Sims 4, this allows you to click on certain icons on the interface and get your expected task done. This brings you the ability to customize your Sims 4 gameplay as you like and possibilities are limitless. And UI cheats extension might be the only mod you would need for Sims 4 because it has got most of the customization possibilities that any other mod could bring in.

With this, you will not have to memorize cheats for Sims 4, you can simply choose and select which operation that you need to carry out. And the collection of cheats available is huge and might suit anyone according to their personal preferences. Further, It would not consume much time compared to other popular mods to execute a function, therefore you can get things done very quickly. Getting started with UI cheats extension is very easy and not difficult at all. What You need to do is, first you need to download the zip file through the download button which is in the below section. And then, you need to locate the mods folder in the installed directory of Sims 4. You can paste the unzipped files which was downloaded into a new folder which should be renamed "UI Cheats Extension" inside the mods folder. If you are struggling with this process, you can always contact us. We would be happy to help and answer your queries. And most importantly this mod is 100% free and does not charge you to use it all thanks to its developer.

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We suggest you not use this mod with other UI mods, as there could be confusion within your files and override issues. But we can guarantee you that there will be no harmful effects from script mods and tuning mods. The latest version out there is 1.35.1 and it is only 10MB, therefore the file would not take much space from your storage. Even though it is small in size, it has some stunning features that can surely amaze any Sims 4 player. This amazing mod is developed by a well-reputed mod developer, weerbesru. Therefore all the credit must go to him.

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If you are struggling with the installation process, you can always contact us. We would be happy to help and answer your queries.